rubber roofs

Since 1980, Roofing Products International, Inc. has been supplying our quality EPDM single-ply roofing systems. RPI has always been in the forefront of this expanding technology, with our field-proven application techniques for all types of roofing projects whether it be for new constructions or re-roofing.

Non-Reinforced Black EPDM .060
·  Ideal for fully adhered systems

White-on-Black Non-Reinforced EPDM .060
·  Reflects sunlight & cools the building interior – leading to lower BTU usage and energy costs
·  Fully adhered application is required

Fully Adhered
A system often used for installations with unusual or odd-shaped contours. Fully adhered systems install with a continuous, even surface, have no mechanical penetration of the membrane and add minimal weight to the deck.